Serena and Darien, the story of the Present

Serenity and her prince ended up in modern day Tokyo, Japan. Serenity is now known as Serena, and Endymion goes by Darien. Serena is 14 years old, boy crazy, klutzy, irresponsible, loving, energetic, and loyal. Darien is 19 years old, studious, aloof, and loves to tease the 14 year old Serena. Serena and Darien BOTH tease each other where ever, and whenever they meet...and they sure do meet a lot!! Secretly they are completely and helplessly in love with each other. (Of Course)

Serena and Darien also both lead secret lives. Serena is the super heroine Sailor Moon, the leader of the 5 sailor scouts. Darien, on the other hand, is the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask always appears and helps the scouts out in a bind, but nobody's really sure whose side he's on since he seems to have an obsession with getting the rainbow crystals. The scouts mission on the other hand is to fight off the Negaverse, find the Moon Princess, and protect her. Obviously nobody remembers their past lives, but they all accept their destinies (except Serena).

One day Serena was on her way to a scout meeting when she ran into Darien. In their normal spirit of things, she slaps him on the back and tells him that there was a bee. Darien, didn't do his usual teasing back, and this greatly worried Serena. When Serena looked at her hand, she discovered that Darien was actually bleeding. Serena then decided to follow Darien to make sure that he was o.k.. While following him, Darien and Serena get sucked into the starlight tower by Zoicite from the Negaverse. Zoicite and Darien had planned to duke it out over the rainbow crystals. Darien and Serena soon found themselves trapped in an elevator, on their way to meet Zoicite.

While in the elevator on their way to the roof, Serena and Darien form some what of a peaceful friendship with each other. Serena, as Sailor Moon, curious about why Zoicite wanted Darien, asked him about the Rainbow Crystals. Darien then goes on to tell Serena why he is searching for the Rainbow Crystals. Firstly, Darien was in a car crash when he was very young and lost both of his parents, so he somewhat does not know who he is. Not to mention that every night, Darien has a dream of this beautiful princess. She asks him to bring her the Silver Imperium Crystal, and then he wakes up. Darien confides in her that he feels that he somehow already knows this girl, and that she can tell him whom he is. Serena, although secretly somewhat jealous of this Dream Princess of Darien's, is also touched by the story.

The elevator stops, and Serena and Darien are being attacked by a fire blast from Zoicite. As far as Serena's concerned, it's either let Darien know of her secret identity as Sailor Moon, or get toasted. Serena, chooses to let Darien know who she is, and transforms right in front of Darien. Darien can't believe it, SERENA is Sailor Moon. Then, of course Darien has to transform in front of Sailor Moon, so that she knows that her dream hunk (Tuxedo Mask) is one in the same as her nemesis, (who she also secretly loves) Darien. (Trip out on that for a minute).

While pondering those thoughts, Zoicite decides that it's time to take out Tuxedo Mask, and hurls a huge black crystal at him. Sailor Moon tries to warn him, just as the other scouts burst in, and Tuxie is down for the count. Sailor Moon immediately begins to cry, she can't believe that Darien is dying. This overrides her emotions, and this causes a chain of events. First, the rainbow crystals form into the Silver Imperium Crystal, which reveals Sailor Moon as the true Princess of the Moon!!! Then, as Serena turns into Princess Serenity, Darien turns into Prince Endymion, and Darien and Serena remember their past lives. To top it all off, Princess Serenity then holds up the Silver Imperium Crystal and takes out Zoicite. The Scouts watch the whole thing take place and can barely believe their eyes. Then just as the Scouts are trying to wake up a collapsed Sailor Moon, and hurt Tuxedo Mask, Malacite appears and takes away Darien.

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