Neo-Queen Serenity and Neo-King Endymion, the Story of the Future

Ok, first off, I would like to say that this page is kind of difficult since there's no definate story of Usagi and Mamoru in the future. We only get glimses here and there throughout the Manga and the Anime of what they are really like and what happens to them.

So first off, there are 2 different versions of How the Crystal Millinium was created.
1. The Manga which is the true story of Sailor Moon. In the Manga, the Crystal Millinium was created right after Eternal Sailor Moon sealed away Chaos and defeated Galaxia. After the battle, Usagi and Mamoru awake in bed together in a Crystal Palace and Mamoru asks Usagi to marry him. Then it shows the wedding, and they become the King and Queen of the Earth, Moon and Universe.
2. The Anime which is the story that most of us are familiar with. In the anime, supposedly the Earth became covered in ice. It's not told how the Earth became covered in ice, or how Neo-Queen Serenity WASN'T an ice cube herself, but Neo-Queen Serenity used the Imperium Silver Crystal to unfreeze the Earth. Then she created Crystal Tokyo, which is an almost Eternal City. We know that she and Mamoru are now known as Neo-King Endymion rule there over the Earth.

That being said, here is the story of the future as we know it.

Neo-Queen Serenity and Neo-King Endymion live peacefully and almost eternally in the 30th centery in a place called Crystal Tokyo. Crystal Tokyo is a city that was created by Serenity and Endymion. The residents of Crystal Tokyo live for 1000s of years, their lives being exteneded by the life force and power of the Imperium Silver Crystal. Serenity and Endymion have a daughter in this time period, a sole heir of the Moon Kingdom, and the Universe, as well as the Earth Kingdom, Tsukino Serenity Usagi, bearing the same name as her Mother. She is called Small Lady, a nickname given to her by her best friend Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Time and Space. Small Lady, even though being over 200 years old, still looks like a child, and her Moon Powers have yet to be awakened. In an attempt to awaken her powers to prove to herself that she truly is her parents' child, she goes into the room where the Silver Imperium Crystal is held and grabs the crystal. At that very moment, The Black Moon Family, having a vendetta against Serenity attack Crystal Tokyo, and it's Queen. Serenity's body is protected by Crystal. In the anime, the inner senshi are using their lifeforces and planet power to protect Serenity from an attack from the Black Crystal, but in the manga, Serenity is simply trapped in a crystal in the palace, waiting for her body to heal, and her guardians and her dear husband are all in a deep sleep on beds in another room.

Neo-King Endymion was able to use his still functioning mind, and what little power he had to project an image of himself to try to save his Kingdom, and his beloved. Small Lady, hearing stories of the legendary champion of Love and Justice from the past (not knowing it was her Mother, Serenity) stole one of Sailor Pluto's Time Keys and went to the past to find Sailor Moon to save her Parents and her Kingdom.

Neo-King Endymion sent his past self, Mamoru, dreams of Serenity being killed should he stay with Usagi. So Mamoru dumps Usagi, with no explanations in an attempt to protect her...from what? Usagi is very upset about this, and now, she also has some strange little girl who likes Mamoru, living in her home, ChibiUsa aka Small Lady. Over time, ChibiUsa warms up to Usagi, discovering that Usagi is in fact the Sailor Soldier of the past who she came to ask to save her Kingdom. Once asked, Sailor Moon and the other soldiers decided to travel to the future with ChibiUsa to save ChibiUsa's mother. (Usagi's Future Self) Usagi, and Mamoru having come to the conclusion that they don't care if some dream says Usagi will die if they stay together, Mamoru is back on the sceen and accompanies ChibiUsa and the soldiers to the future as well.

Upon arriving in the future, they are in for quite a suprize. They are greeted by...Tuxedo Mask?!?!?...but no, he's different from Tuxedo Mask, and just a hologram Sailor Moon soon finds out. He introduces himself as Neo-King Endymion, and confirms that he is Tuxedo Masks' future self. Endymion then explains to the soldiers the events that led up to them being transported to the future, and also tells them who ChibiUsa actually is. (ohhh, embarassment for Usagi and Mamoru)

Sailor Moon and ChibiUsa end up defeating the Black Moon Family Together with the crystal from the future, and Sailor Moon's present day crystal. ChibiUsa's powers finally awakend, by the Black Moon no less, but that's another story...awakens her sleeping Mother in the future. Serenity goes to awaken her sweet husband, and her dear friends. Endymion awakens first, and is relieved to see his wife alive and well. The Guardian Solders of the future also awaken, and Serenity uses her powers to restore Crystal Tokyo to it's beauty, while waiting for her daughter to come back from the past.

The only other times we hear about Serenity and Endymion are when ChibiUsa is in the past for Sailor Soldier training and Serenity sends letters to her.

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